Currie eZip 750 mods

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Currie eZip 750 mods

I have had a few scooters, but currently have a Currie e-Scoot that is pretty worn
and a fairly new eZip 750.

They are both 24v and similar wattage motors I believe.
I really like the free wheeling of the e-scoot, and the controller gives more "kick" from a standstill or change in acceleration.

Down the road I plan to replace the 24v SLA pack with a LifePo, maybe only 10A if it stills rides good.
My biggest dislike about this scooter is the slow acceleration and limited top speed.
Yes I am near the top of the weight limit for the scooter (200 lbs), but the E-scoot still rides better.

Are there any hacks to the existing speed controller to give snappier response and more torque?
I do not need distance, but would love to increase speed up from the 12-14 mph I am getting now and closer to 20MPH.

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