Powerpack Brushless motor/controller combos for sale- cheap

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Powerpack Brushless motor/controller combos for sale- cheap

I'm posting here as well as in the Marketplace. Hope that's OK. Here's a cut and paste of that posting.

I've got quite a few brushless motors and controllers that I'd like to convert to cash. I used to sell these set through my website(Powerpackmotors.com) but stepped away from that business for a while. I probably won't be restarting the website anytime soon, but I've got a couple dozen motors and controllers in storage. To generate a bit of interest I've been selling motor/controller combos for $200. That's a 35 amp, 24-48v brushless controller paired with either my 750 watt Powerpack motor(made by BMC) or a 1000 watt BMC motor. The 750 watt motor is simple swap-in for any of the typical 3 bolt mount motors that are commonly used on the Currie/Schwinn or Lashout bikes and scooters. The 1000 watt motors are much beefier and have a different(much larger)keyed shaft and different bolt pattern, so would require a custom plate or other adaptation if they were to be used on one of those 3 bolt mount vehicles.

The controllers are rigged such that the current limit can be adjusted upward easily. The 1000 watt motors could handle a whole lot more than the 35 amps that my controllers have historically been limited to. Which is why I had these controllers made so that it would be easy to adjust the current limit. I'd be inclined to suggest 50- 60 amps for the 1000s. I'm sure they could take a good deal more, but I don't want to encourage any potential buyers to push the controller's limit too high. The controllers use the mosfets that are one step below the 4110s(I just can't recall the number). Not quite as hardy as the 4110s but distincly hardier than the FETs that I used in all the controllers I sold under the Powerpack Motors banner in the past.

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the electric vehicle business for a while, but last I knew a typical brushless controller made with about the same specs by the same manufacturer was going for about $200. I'm offering both motor and controller for that. Plus about $12 shipping. I probably won't offer a whole lot of them at this price(which is below my cost) but I'm hoping to generate a bit of interest.

Tim O'Brien

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