NiMH bttery pack - is it worth trying?

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NiMH bttery pack - is it worth trying?

I see the NiMH C and D cells, 9 AH, 10 AH are cheap, so I am wondering if it is worth building up a pack and trying it. Have read some of the posts and looked at the specs. Doesn't look like they typically spec NiMH at high discharge rates. So I expect they don't do well at high discharge, but my riding habits are only high discharge for the very end of the ride. So my question is, has anyone had good luck with NiMH? I am specifically thinking of building a 9 AH 36 volt pack for an Iacocca bike.



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Re: NiMH bttery pack - is it worth trying?

nimh have a slight voltage drop when they reach full charge.
in practice that means you can't wire them in parrallel while under charge, each string has to be charged separately.

they also self discharge rather alot which causes balance issues.

I don't recommend using nimh for *any* EV.

Lithium is much easier to work with (followed by lead).


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