Increible accident in MX Circuit with ZERO

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Increible accident in MX Circuit with ZERO

The last weeekend was the first race of the in Switzerland, after a few laps one of the pilot with a ZERO MX had a terrible accident, ZERO MOTORCYCLE owners must to take care of his bikes of MX Circuits.


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Re: Increible accident in MX Circuit with ZERO

It looks like the bike frame failed?--Please explain what occurred!--Thanks, Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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Re: Increible accident in MX Circuit with ZERO

Zero MX Rider Injured At Motocross WohlenLast weekend on April 24 the first race of a Swiss e-Moto MX series was held at Motocross Wohlen in Wohlen, Switzerland. During the first lap of the first heat Tommy Heimburg of ERIDE Motorcycles suffered a serious crash in which his Zero MX frame failed near the head tube. Sources say the crash was a result of the frame failure. Tommy’s injuries are said to be serious and included a concussion and two broken vertebra but they were not life threatening.

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Re: Increible accident in MX Circuit with ZERO - "The damaged bike is being shipped to Zero's HQ in California, where they'll examine it to determine the cause of the failure. It's not completely unprecedented for a motorcycle frame to snap, but it usually indicates a manufacturing flaw or previous damage. Having said that, the incident could seriously hurt Zero's reputation....Zero has come under some criticism, some of it from us, for specifying components that blur the line between motorcycle and mountain bike parts...."

Maybe I don't know what the phrase "mountain bike" means but if I go to a bicycle store and buy a mountain bike it looks nothing like a dirt-bike-motorcycle, while the Zero MX looks like a dirt-bike-motorcycle.

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Re: Increible accident in MX Circuit with ZERO

I'd agree, there is a marked difference between motorcycle and bicycle even if both are built for off road. Mountain bikes dont even compare to street motorcycle grade frames. Personally, i'd feel better if that bike had been sent to an independent lab rather than the manufacturer for analysis. That being said, the concept of racing is to prove the strongest, the best designed, and the best built, as well as the fastest. If this crash makes Zero, and all other bikes out there safer, then we all benefit. Here's to a speedy and complete recovery of the driver.

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