LiFeBATT Launches New 20Ah Prismatic Plug & Play Pack Line

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LiFeBATT Launches New 20Ah Prismatic Plug & Play Pack Line

Well, we are looking forward to a good year for LiFeBATT starting in June when we have the first P20 Prismatic Packs delivered to our new headquarters in Danville, Virginia. We have a few Packs we think will appeal to the e-bike crowd, but who knows, as our prices tend to be a bit on the high side as you all know. Four years in this business has given us a tremendous amount of knowledge about LiFeP04, and we believe that finally we have a fairly bullet-proof idea of how to design / develop single & multiple pack systems. Please check out our new website @ and let us know what you think?

We will be assembling our P20 Packs here in the U.S. and providing all warranty service as well as shipping within the U.S. We continue to offer a 3Year Warranty on all LiFeBATT products.

Don Harmon

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