Upgrade EVD Controller

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Upgrade EVD Controller

I have posted this under mods, but I am placing it here where there is more action:

I want to assure everyone that I have searched this topic for two hours and on Google with no clear result. So, here I go:

Has anyone replaced the Martin EVD controller with a Kelly or other better programmable controller? If anyone has tips, diagrams or just thoughts, I'd appreciate it. There is no point in putting in 3k worth of batts if the stock controller is limiting the acceleration to kiddy car level.

I assume after reading the Kelly manual and specs, this is not too outlandish, I have the skills, the test equipment, tools, electrical facility. Has anyone successfully accomplished a kelly upgrade on an EVD, or, does anyone know the colors of the motor phase and hall sensor wires - from there I can get it done if these are known. R Martin has no idea what the wires do or where they go, incredibly. Kelly says there is no problem with the application of the controller, they recommended a specific model, but they dont know the color codes of the wires. I am aware of the need to hook up the brake and side stand inhibit, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and may I say that after getting the EVD, as fiar as it is, I am craving more, and will buy a a better scooter, probably from ZEV, as the kind Mr. Zehrbach is probably the most knowledgeable builder I have ever spoken to, and I have talked to many importers and custom builders.

But first, I wouldn't mind dropping in a kelly (299) controller if it is reasonable and possible with a few connectors and such.

Thanks all!

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