Wilderness Energy BL36 Hub Motor quit working- HELP

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Wilderness Energy BL36 Hub Motor quit working- HELP

I have the Wilderness Energy BL36 kit on my TREK bike. I have only used it a few times in a year since i had it. Today I went out on the bike trail and the hub motor will not work. I thought maybe the SLA batteries weren't fully charged so I came back home and charged them fully. Still no luck. I measured the batteries and they read over the 12VDC each and I get a 48V reading out of the battery pack terminal before it enters the controller. There is no voltage reading at the hub connection even though I have full green on the throttle controller, the controller box lights blinking green, solid red as it should. I suspect the controller is malfunctioning. Do you know of any one that can check it or even fix it. I feel it's all money down the drain if I can't.
P.S.- When it did work I felt the some straining noise/vibration coming from the hub working hard on slight incline hills until I could get up to speed on level.

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Re: Wilderness Energy BL36 Hub Motor quit working- HELP

When fully charged, GOOD "12 volt" lead-acid batteries will read close to 14 volts each-above 13 volts. A set of 4 in series should read 52 volts or better immediately after being fully charged, and all battery voltages should be nearly identical, typically within 0.2 volts of each other, or you may have a badly unbalanced or defective battery. (Of course, you could also have a damaged motor, or a loose/damaged wiring connection)-Check and clean/tighten as needed.--Bob Curry

Robert M. Curry

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