Vectrix service centers in North East USA

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I am looking for parts for my VX-1. I called Metro Boston area. Nope! I called my dealer in KY where I purchased my NEW old VX-1. Nope! All my dealer wanted was service for his customers and didn't like getting strong armed. Now he is trying to help his own customers with stock that is left in show room. The only part I got was a low profile seat when he was an authorized dealer and I would like center stand and 240 volt charging cord assembly. Vectrix is getting one hell of a name for itself. I sure don't want to be left in the dust owning something that some one looks down on. It was state of the art but customer service is really most important. I see on V that EU is getting some decent service. A reasonable amount of customer service would be nice. I am one of the few people that need 220-240 volt charging. I can get it from my welder, solar panel, inverter, and truck charging stops along interstate.
120 volt charging I can only get at work twenty. I figure since there are four wires in the shielded wire and two transformers in scooter then it requires a new plug and cord assembly. I do also know that it will still charge at the rate of 5 to 7 miles for every hour it is plugged in, whether it be 120 or 240.




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