Vectrix service centers in North East USA

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Vectrix service centers in North East USA

Where do I get service now that a lot of Vectrix dealers have not re-signed with Vectrix? I bought my scooter from KY and live in Mass. and need some extra stuff for my scooter. I did get stuff from Honda in KY but they refuse to honor warranty work done on peoples bikes so the dealership is using his old stock of bikes to fix customers bikes mainly battery replacement. So now I can't get parts from there or in Boston either. I also would like a 240 volt charging cord assembly to use at rest stops 240 volt outlets. I noticed on some chargers I purchased off of eBay there are two transformers and three or four wires.
So from that I deduced Blue and Brown are the 220 volt side of charging. Making a dealer buy six bikes when it doesn't give service is ludicrous enough but it therefore takes it out on me. I got one low profile seat and need more stuff like cords and center stand and maybe a tall windscreen. I am due for a service soon and need a place to drive or bring my bike in on truck. I also don't want to do too much work on my bike in order to keep what little bit of warranty on it to get my scooter fixed properly and safely. I have more access to 240 volt charging with solar panel, welder, rest area, and other EV charging sites but 120 only at work twenty.

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