Would Hesketh or Vectrix care to reply?

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Would Hesketh or Vectrix care to reply?

I see Rebel has posted the following. Under the topic "Now Heseketh behave criminally?"

"Haha Addict You Realy dont know how close you are to the truth when you say that Hesketh are acting criminally.
You Will see that over the next couple of weeks Paul Hesketh will no longer be the importer in the UK.
If any one wants to Purchase Bikes ,spares , or accesories just make sure that you have the goods with all of the appropriate documentation V5 etc before parting with your hard earnt money.

I cant say any more at the moment but watch this space."

Would Paul Hesketh care to reply on here? He doesn't reply my emails or attempts to contect him.

Maybe someone from Vectrix knows whats going on?

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