Is a !)C Li battery less reliable than a 'normal' 2C?

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Is a !)C Li battery less reliable than a 'normal' 2C?

I'm looking at the batteries that Cyclone in Taiwan produce. Their reputation and quality control seems pretty good and their prices are reasonable - not as cheap as China batteries but once bitten...

They sell 8A 48 volt batteries which can deliver up to 10C. I understand that at this discharge rate my range won't be great (using a 5304 and a 4840 controller) but they are VERY light and as long as I get around 10km on a single charge, I'd be happy.

So my question is - if my controller sucks a constant 40Ah out of these batteries (which is unlikely), would they be more prone to damage than the run of the mill 2C batteries?


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