LiFeBATT Offers Custom P20 Packs made in America

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LiFeBATT Offers Custom P20 Packs made in America

We have had many requests for a Custom LiFeBATT pack and we are now offering this to the E- Bike / E- Motorcycle community. What exactly does this mean for you? You can design your own Battery Pack using our new 20Ah Prismatic Cells to whatever configuration you want. LiFeBATT will make your Pack here in our new Virgina Assembly Plant and ship it to you without an exterior case. These Packs have to be assembled here and use the LiFeBATT BMS / LVC /IM in order to qualify for our 3 Year Warranty program. We will not make them without it.

Your Design, with LiFeBATT components. We look forward to seeing what you come up with?

All requests should be submitted through the LiFeBATT website: Please use the Application Form:

Don Harmon

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