Maker Faire this weekend - San Mateo

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Maker Faire this weekend - San Mateo

I've never been able to make it to the Maker Faire but I've always assumed I'd fit right in. The idea is the DIY culture needs a place to strut their stuff, and that's what the maker faire is. Sponsored by Make Magazine. There's supposed to be some green transportation vehicles there. I'll be there under a press pass at least on saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to bring one of my electric bicycles along or something.

There's directions on getting there and they're running a shuttle service from the Hayward Park Caltrain station.

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Re: Maker Faire this weekend - San Mateo

I was there on Sunday. There were several electric vehicles. We saw some bikes, a couple of
scooters, and some motorcycles. Near the life size mouse trap game was a solar three wheel electric
motorcycle that I've seen aroud Mountain View, CA. It looked like it had been cleaned it up for the show.
It looked pretty good. I wish I had more tim to talk with the owner.

It was a good show. Not all of it could be seen in 5 hours.


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