Electric Cars | Electric Motorcycles ; Electric Mopeds.

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Electric Cars | Electric Motorcycles ; Electric Mopeds.

In this 21st century, we all use many electronic devices today which have independent batteries to power itself thus eliminating the need to get attached to wall socket all the time. Most common of these electronic devices is perhaps our mobile phones, laptops or mp3. What if we have a car that have a electric battery and charged once can go for a long hours with superb speed and acceleration?

Li-ion Motors electric car is an automobile that uses an electric motor instead of Internal Combustion Engine(ICE). Li-ion Motors Corporation manufactures lithium-powered vehicles and products. They have the successfully converted scooters, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars and homes to zero-emission, lithium-powered vehicles and facilities.

Li-ion Motors have a wide range of electric cars - Inizio, Wave, LiV DASH, LiV FLASH, LiV SURGE and LiV WISE. Li-ion Motors electric cars have a major impact in the auto industry and reshaped the automotive industry in a way not seen since. Li-ion Motors electric cars give excellent acceleration and top speed. There are various benefits of using an electric car over other cars as it is affordable, durable, convenient, oil free, safe, a green solution to global warming and requires less maintenance.

Li-ion Motors Electric car - Inizio covers 170 miles per hour that is approximately 241km. This electric super car reaches to sixty in just four seconds and charged once can cover up to 200 miles that is 321.8km. Li-ion Motors stylish Electric car – Wave boasts 170 mile per hour range per charge. Other models of electric cars from Li-ion Motors have a speed of seventy to eighty miles per hour that includes, LiV DASH, LiV FLASH, LiV SURGE and LiV WISE. These models of electric cars requires a charging time of six to eight hours on an outlet of 110-120V or 220V-240V and then can cover upto 120 miles.

Li-ion Motors Electric cars are inexpensive in comparison with other cars. These cars extract power from batteries or from natural resources such as sun or wind. A car that runs on gas is really expensive due to rise in the price of gas. Some people can’t afford to be strapped with another payment. Availability is also an issue. In addition it is of great concern that whether or not the savings in gas justify the increased cost of a hybrid. And you are still buying gas!
Electricity is cheaper than gas, and it comes from renewable resources. All electric cars of Li-ion Motors come with high energy density and use light weight rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can be charged by using electric outlets of either 110V or 220V.
Electric cars of Li-ion Motors are very reliable and very efficient in fuel consumption. Electric cars have three times higher efficiency point than a car that runs on gas. And have fewer parts than a gas powered car. Li-ion Motors electric cars on have no catalytic converter transmission, fuel tank, spark plugs, engine, values, starter, tailpipe, muffler, distributor or Clutch, so they need no tuning, no oil change and filter change. As Li-ion Motors Electric car is fuel free there are no chances of catching fire or blowing up on crash. A fuel powered car is very complicated to handle than a Li-ion Motors electric car because has less parts than the other one. Moreover, a similar sized Li-ion Motors Electric vehicle consumes four times as less electricity per mile than a Fuel cell. Their electric car with the same weight as of a fuel powered car has two times greater driving range. So, we ca say that a Li-ion Motors electric car is totally safe and easy to handle.
Li-ion Motors Electric cars do a much better job at keeping the air clean as electric car runs on an electric motor rather than a fuel cell; main advantage is that it is 100 percent emission-free. Li-ion Motors Electric car when driven promotes the air whereas fuel cell vehicle pollutes the air each time it is driven as it requires electricity to compress hydrogen. Fuel Cells-Hydrogen emits 12.5 kg of Carbon-di-Oxide per kg of hydrogen produced and thus safety is of major concern to hydrogen tank.
Li-ion Motors electric cars are very quiet to drive and produce no sound pollution. As with the other cars they do have a sound – proof insulation that only works well when you are inside the vehicle.
Global warming is one of the most important issues today. Cars are as one of the leading contributors to the escalating global warming problem. Electric car or green car can be a solution to minimize the effect of autos on the environment and limit its impact on global warming. Li-ion Motors Electric cars are earth friendly. These electric vehicles are the voice of tree huggers as the cars have zero emission and their impact on the greeneries of this planet is minimal. It does not harm the environment, thus, leaving the greeneries to clean polluted environment.
Li-ion Motors Electric cars are very durable as well. A reconditioned motor will outlive car you put it in. Reconditioned deep cycle batteries will last a long time.
Li-ion Motors can also convert your car in an electric car. It is beneficial for several reasons to convert your car to electric car as it can save lots of money that people pay for gas. After installing electric motor and its accessories, you will have the same comfort and feeling of your car as you earlier had. .
Apart from earth friendly Li-ion Motors Electric vehicles are pocket friendly as well. They are a very practical form of transportation and are more convenient for everyday use, instead of long of journeys and can be inexpensively recharged overnight. If these Li-ion Motors electric cars are used for daily commute, they can cost as low as 3 cents per mile.
The year- 2010 is a remarkable year for Li-ion Motors as many new models of electric car are slated to hit the market. New Improved models of electric cars with lots of high speed and acceleration will be launched.

Electric Cars

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