Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Company (LMCO)

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Company (LMCO)

In March 2008, I sold my old car and was looking for a new car. I found the new electric technology very interesting and to know more about it me and my friend David, visited the Li-ion Motors Corporation which was earlier known as EV Innovations. I have been looking for lots of car models but I found Inizio that best suits me.

Li-ion Motors converted gas-powered PT Cruisers into fully Electric vehicles electric vehicles. This made sense for my needs. We had a test drive and it was damn comfortable to drive and a vehicle that can be used for racing.We spent a lot of time asking about their engineering philosophy, charging and other services from Li-ion Motors sales people. So, with no further queries, I decided to move ahead and made half of the payment of the Inizio Electric car. According to the policies of Li-ion Motors, car will be ready in three months and be delivered in this period only.

I am just back from my first drive on my new Inizio electric car from Li-ion Motors. I am at a bit of a loss for words. Driving this car has shaken my world. I was just blown away by the acceleration -- but also by how easy and enjoyable the car is to drive.

Some guys form Li-ion Motors came to check my car after a few more days. The car was working well. It had no charging problem, no dead cells.

I have been using this car daily and it covers almost 170 miles per hour and a solid range of 200 miles, that’s just so amazing. It takes seven to eight hours to get fully charged and once charged it covers approximately 200 miles.
After every six months my car goes for its service and the very interesting thing is, its first two services are free of cost.

Inizio’s turning radius is awesome. I do most of my driving on highways and the feeling is great as if I am driving a Cadillac. In addition its acceleration power is superb, just four seconds to reach at sixty.

I and David went to Detroit Auto Show and the company Li-ion Motors has featured the revolutionary Wave by making emissions free vehicles. It has changed the way the world looks at the automobile industry.

I had excellent experiences with the company, I fully trust them. So I suggested it to many of my friends and many of them have decided to buy it. Li-Ion Motor’s electric car is eco friendly as well. Recently, this car has passed some tests i.e a detailed mechanical, electrical, safety and vehicle design inspection and entered to shakedown event.

There were 111 registered teams in the competition and after four rounds Li-ion Motors’ lithium-powered vehicle remains, as one of twenty two teams. Wow… I am feeling so lucky... I have one of the best cars.

LIV Dash electric car from Li-ion Motors and he is very happy with the car. This Liv Dash covers 80 miles per hours and the acceleration power is comparatively very good. It takes only 9 seconds to reach 60.

He is very impressed with its charging system; it takes only six hours to charge on 110-120V or 220-240V outlet and then can cover 120 miles per hour.

In addition to this it has a LCD touch screen that acts as operations monitor and tells power consumption, battery temperature, each cells' charge level, miles remaining, average speed, drive time, and distance traveled. The lights of the car consume minimal amount of battery that saves the battery for the other purposes.

Once David’s driver took the car for some office purpose and crashed into other car. It was a rainy day and his car was parked in a parking plot. Another car crashed into it and he said he stood on the brakes but the car didn’t stop in time. It was badly damaged and some parts such as headlamp washer, bumper grill, bonnet and one of the grills were needed to be replaced. It also needed to paint the hood and bumper. LI-ion Motors is such an amazing corporation that it replaced all the needed stuff in just two days and that too at very low price.

One of the cells of my car was damaged and I had to replace it with new one. I was glad that it was replaced very easily. These cells are easily available at any service center of Li-ion Motors. Later I wanted a LCD touch screen my car and I paid some money and got a new LCD monitor in my car. Now I can easily view battery consumption, its temperature, charging level, distance covered, time and speed. It actually made my job easy.

To me Li-ion Motors Inizio is not just a car but an outstanding blend of cutting edge propelling technology and aerodynamics. With magnificent down force it has beaten all the other members of its own family, giving a phenomenal top speed. The streamlined wind screen rake, front air dams, rear spoilers and absolutely minimal ground clearance, are just a few reasons of mind boggling performance and certainly add-ons to its appeal. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have a higher energy density than all other types of rechargeable. This means it can store more energy as per its size and weight than other rechargeable batteries. In addition these Lithium ion batteries are recyclable and should never be incinerated as it might explode. Li-ion Motors accepts them back for recycling. Other places that sell rechargeable batteries or car part and accessories shop will also accept them back for recycling.

The low height seating makes it comfy and gives a sporty feel. The car is manufactured with the best material that prevents its parts from melting due to heat. The driver, I bet can feel the blood rushing in his veins to his heart, making it pump with the thunder of engine. As the Inizio is cornered it oversteers, but subtly, giving an absolutely marvelous feel of the vehicle’s stability and to the driver it seems that he is the master and the Inizio his slave. So if you go and buy the Inizio, proudly take the cheque out of your pocket because a feeling of contentment is most certainly to take over your life, as you take control of this power house. In short, I am in love with my Inizio.

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