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Li-ion Motors - Electric Cars | Motorcycles & Electric Mopeds.

Li-ion Motors Corp. is a Las Vegas based company which is engaged in development and marketing of electric powered vehicles and products based on the advanced lithium battery technology. Li-ion Motors Corp. is a concept and brand development corporation in the field of alternative-fuel automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles, and alternative-fuel products. Li-ion Motors is engaged in selling custom made vehicles for customers around the world.

An electric car is an automobile that uses electricity instead of Internal Combustion Engine. It usually requires an outlet of 110-120V or 220V-240V. These electric cars once charges can cover huge distance. Li-ion Motors is engaged in converting scooters, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars, trucks and homes to zero emission with lithium powered facilities.

Li-ion Motors is developing a product that is "bulletproof." They say “Reliability is paramount in building confidence in these new electric vehicles”. Li-ion Motors has designed and finished a new style of "smart" BMS that will help to increase the mileage of each charge as well as the longevity of the battery packs. In the near future the BMS will also be able to communicate with the repair technician. With new anode and cathode chemistry inside the Lithium battery packs, Li-ion Motors is striving to build the new forms of everyday transportation. The company is working with composite component manufacturing companies to introduce a new type of composite reinforcement that allows for a much stronger yet lighter and less expensive answer to the carbon fiber and like products known in the marketplace today. A properly engineered composite xoskeleton will bring a safer and lighter vehicle to the marketplace.

NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Military all buy alternative fueled vehicles for their fleets (part of a Congressional mandate from the Clinton years) and have purchased Li-ion-Motors | Li-ion-Motors-Corp | Electric-cars | Electric-vehicles | Sports-Vehicle | LMCO | Electric-Motorcycle | Electric-vehicles from Li-ion Motors. Li-ion Motors has been working with NASA for three years and many vehicles are in daily use at the space center in Florida. Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart have featured Li-ion Motors in their holiday once in a lifetime features. Packages for purchase included a trip to NASA to see a space launch.

Also Li-ion Motors started out five years ago helping the military with watercraft and submarine power systems and now provides electric PT Cruisers for base transportation, since electric vehicles are almost silent they lend themselves to clandestine applications.


Li- ion Motors wants people to start thinking of battery power as a kind of high-end option, like a convertible top or a navigation system. Li-ion Motors Corp has a belief that the automobile is about to start morphing into the cars and trucks of the future. Not only will the fuel or energy source be changing as well as the drive train and there will be a total change in the actual structure and component materials that make up the vehicle itself.

The company is responsible for transforming the already efficient MINI into a zero emissions electric vehicle of Li-ion Motors. Li-ion Motors engineers pull the internal combustion guts from cars such as the Chrysler Crossfire, PT Cruiser, smart for-two, and the MINI, endowing them with advanced electric power plants. Li-ion Motors has taken a different line of attack, converting already popular models to battery power, as well as manufacturing own designs. For Li-ion Motors the goal is not to try and sell people on the idea of an electric vehicle, but rather to show them how much fun they can have in electric versions of their favorite cars.

Li-ion Motors cars are available to consumers through Wal-Mart and then soon will be available directly. In the not-too-distant future Wal-Mart may feature among the thousands of products for sale an electric car. The battery powered automobile will look every bit like a MINI Cooper. This is because a MINI Cooper with a powerful electric motor is under the hood and a stack of lithium batteries where the gas tank is used to be.


Li- ion Motors Corp. was incorporated in the State of Nevada on April 12, 2000. Earlier the company was known as Hybrid Technologies then EV Innovations and later the name changed to Li-ion Motors Corp. The research and development plant as well as production facility of the corporation is located in Mooresville, North Carolina that looks much the way any auto factory should look. Company selected Mooresville for production as it is the home city for many NASCAR teams and has an exceptional labor pool for the work Li-ion Motors does. Many motors are being pulled out of cars as are being put in here. For cars such as the Crossfire and PT Cruiser, the motor and other systems are stripped out and sold back to the automaker or others. By building off existing models, Li-ion Motors gets to focus on the critical part of any electric car — the battery system.

In April 2008, Li-ion Motors entered into a license agreement with Superlattice Power providing for their license to SPI of their patent applications and technologies for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and other applications.
Under the license agreement, Li-ion Motors has the right to purchase lithium-ion batteries from SPI, and lithium-ion batteries shall be supplied in preference to, and on a priority basis, before other customers of SPI. Li-ion Motors cost for lithium-ion batteries purchased from SPI shall be SPI’s actual manufacturing costs for such batteries.

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