Controller sevcon for xm-3500

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Controller sevcon for xm-3500

Hello everyone I'm Laurent from France and I have some questions about a controller for xm3500

Here I ride now with a xm3500 since January 2009 (14500km already!)

I change my XM with the help of a friend of Blois (Cyril Queron) we double the autonomy by a 2nd lifepo4 packs in parallel is the 72 volt 80A! (Approximately 120km of road)

In the meantime I did a lot of tries to get an electric scooter ideal, I change the original controller with a 72,801 regen Kelly and unfortunately I had a high torque but low speed 68kmh max! And now the controller to burn.

In the meantime I ask the manufacturer to send me a controller 72 volts and I ride now 85 90kmh gps (105 meter) right speed for me in Paris but I have no cons couple I can not mount a rating of 15% in rating and start either! Starting with the red lights is slow!

So I heard that SEVCON would probably have a controller in the Gen4 8035 (approximately $ 1000) my question: would a person is trying to build a sevcon on his XM engine 5kw?

A program is needed for the engine 5kw?

Here I leave you and do not hesitate to send me an email

Christine.gay0045 @


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Re: Controller sevcon for xm-3500

We have successfully developed this (Along with many other upgrades) and have samples available in distribution in Europe. We are selling directly from the UK and have a distributor on the Netherlands and France-

Fell free to email w questions

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