TTXGP Electric Motorcycle Crash Road America

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TTXGP Electric Motorcycle Crash Road America


egrandprix — June 08, 2010 — ElectricMotorsport.Com rider James Pooler, highsides his bike at Turn 7 of Road America TTXGP, during saturdays very wet 2nd qualifying session. For more videos and Race footage visit

My comment: This occurred Saturday afternoon. It began raining at the end of the previous race but wasn't raining hard. There was enough rain that puddles formed in depressions in the pit area. But it was really light rain.

The second TTXGP qualifying round was scheduled for 5:30 and some teams hadn't qualified. The riders were given the option to go out for qualifying. Some did not and in some cases it was concerns over how water safe a given bike is.

That wreck occurred on a downslope (turn 7) and it's fairly straight but looks like the rider made a bit of a turn. He also admitted to wanting to see how fast he could go.

He was uninjured. The bike came out of it relatively well. The left handlebar broke off, the left footpeg lost about 2 inches, and the fairing was scraped up bad. Despite it being 6pm they managed to buy a replacement handlebar and do the repairs to get it on the track by 10am the next day (Sunday).

It was a success of the TTXGP rules. A crash, in the rain, no electrocution, no explosions, etc ...

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