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ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle Corp) has begun delivery in the USA, UK, and Germany of the 80 mph / 130 kph ZEV7000.
Early articles noted that the bike ran +70 mph. The bike will pull 80 with the rider tucked in on a 1/4 mile standing start track. It pulls 74 with a 185 lb, 6 ft rider sitting up in the same distance.

Distributors in Germany and the UK will receive their next order group in August.

This bike was previously produced as a limited production bike. Now the 167 kph / 104 mph ZEV10 Kw has taken this position.

The bike uses the inner components of the new 10 kw motor. It will get the highly finned castings of the 10 Kw model motor starting with September deliveries.


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