A123 - Sure Sounds too Good to be true

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A123 - Sure Sounds too Good to be true

I try not to get too worked up over these guys. I held off on their stock and it dropped to just 25% of a few months earlier. But they should eventually be a money maker when I buy in. If this battery is anywhere near what they tout. What are the chances they're just another rainmaker?

But since the nanotech capacitors for fast charging and discharging were mentioned tonight, let's get you started on people who are bringing it to market. Dang, wish I oculd run out and buy some of these batteries to play with, even if they were a few hundred apiece.

Just a little from their website, so you don't have to click through to find it all.


Based on new nanoscale materials initially developed at MIT, A123Systems’ low impedance Nanophosphate electrode technology provides significant performance advantages over alternative high power technologies.

Our cell and electrodes are designed to deliver low cost/watt and cost/watt-hour performance. They have higher voltage than other long-life systems, enabling lower pack cost*. Their long life leads to reduced lifecycle and system costs resulting in greater overall price-performance.

A123Systems can develop a customized power solution to fit your energy needs, whether your products use rechargeable batteries, disposable batteries, 120V or 220V AC power, or internal combustion engines. A123Systems’ novel technology is designed to offer a new combination of power, safety and life to provide OEM’s expanded flexibility in system design.

Nanophosphate is a positive electrode material of remarkable rate capability, critical to high power systems. Our high power products are able to pulse at discharge rates as high as 100C and deliver superior power by weight or volume in a cost effective solution. With their low impedance and thermally conductive design, A123 high power cells can be continuously discharged at a 35C rate, a marked improvement over other rechargeable battery alternatives.

A123Systems has developed several electrode technologies based on our basic Nanophosphate chemistry, proven in high-volume power tool production.

A123’s Nanophosphate™ technology is designed to be highly abuse tolerant while meeting the most demanding customer requirements of power, energy, operating temperature range, cycle life and calendar life.

Multiple layers of protection are employed at the chemistry, cell and pack level to achieve an energy storage solution with superior safety and abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium ion.

The following features are incorporated to enhance abuse tolerance at the cell level:

Patented fast charge capability that avoids lithium plating at the negative electrode while maintaining high energy density, used across the range of Nanophosphate technology
The industry’s first dual plate laser-welded aluminum cell construction, used in our larger cells to provide extreme mechanical robustness and hermeticity with low weight
Advanced vent technology to safely release gas pressure buildup, including dual vents in larger cylindrical cells for transportation applications
Center pin construction designed to allow efficient gas release and avoid internal mechanical deformation under extreme abuse
Depending on the cell type and application requirements other passive components may be used including a current interruption device or a thermally activated shutdown separator

A123’s Nanophosphate™ technology delivers exceptional calendar and cycle life. At low rates our ANR26650M1 cells can deliver thousands of cycles at 100% Depth-of-Discharge (DOD), a feat unmatched by most commercial lithium ion cells. Even when cycled at 10C discharge rates, our cells deliver in excess of 1,000 full depth-of-discharge cycles.

Our batteries are projected to last up to 10 years in usage and are well-suited for automotive applications including hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). And at high rates with 100% DOD, they deliver excellent life performance for cordless applications.

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