LMCO electric cars can save thousands of dollars

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LMCO electric cars can save thousands of dollars

A number of car manufacturers are planning to release Electric Cars this year. The year 2010 seems to bring the new revolutionary wave in the automobile industry due to Electric Cars. Today’s Electric Cars are completely different from the Electric Cars of 1990’s. Nowadays Electric Cars come with a lot of new features such as LCD cabin to aware the driver of the Electric Cars with vehicle information.

Many big companies have set up a different manufacturing unit for Electric Cars and many new manufacturers of Electric Cars can be seen in automobile industry. Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LMCO) is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and is in the automobile industry from a long time. Li-ion Motors is a leading manufacturer of all kind of electric vehicles and can convert any kind of vehicles to fully electric vehicles. LMCO offers a wide range of Electric Cars including

LMCO manufactures its own advanced light weight lithium- ion batteries that they use in their cars because lithium-ion batteries are small in size and save more energy. The electric motor of LMCO’s Electric Cars operates with fewer parts than a gasoline powered car and thus more of the energy is consumed by the electric car to run rather by the engine. In a gasoline powered car more than half of the energy is consumed by the engine.

Gas prices are rising at a very fast rate and most of the people cannot afford gasoline powered cars. Even some families had to choose between food and gas. LMCO’s Electric Cars are affordable and completely free you from spending extra dollars on the maintenance part. These Electric Cars are cheaper and as it operate without extra parts making it more convenient and maintenance free. You don’t even have to worry about the tough job of changing oil or filter due to absence of parts such as catalytic converter transmission; fuel tank, spark plugs, engine, values, starter, tailpipe, muffler, distributor and clutch. There are no black particles in the bonnet of the electric car.

All these LMCO’s Electric Cars require is the change of battery or replace of any fused cell after a year or so. Thus, with LMCO’s electric car you can save thousands of dollars that you used to spend on maintenance part but can spend on kids, shopping, and health and so on.

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