Go Green with LMCO’s Electric Car

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Go Green with LMCO’s Electric Car

We all are looking for ways to save money due to slow economy. Buying an electric car or converting your car to an electric car is a great way to save fuel prices. Electric cars are far cheaper and easier than other gasoline powered cars.

Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LMCO) is 21st century design and engineering of emission free electric vehicles/strong>. LMCO produces all kind of electric vehicles using its own advanced technology light weight lithium – ion batteries. The company is successful in converting all kind of non-electric vehicles to electric vehicles including cars, trucks, scooters, mopeds and many more. Li-ion Motors offers an extensive range of electric cars including LIV Wave, Wise, Surge, Flash, Dash and may more.

LMCO’s Electric cars can free you from the big oil Cartels stranglehold. I bet gas prices will rise again and no one knows that up to what extent it will rise this time. Last time the gas price was topped to $4 and many families had to chose between oil and gas. It would be actually nice to be free from gasoline powered vehicle to save money that we pay to greedy oil companies rake in billions in profits at our expense.

You can save thousands of dollars with Li-ion Motors’s electric car and you don’t even have to go to gas stations again. LMCO’s electric car is easy to charge it is as simple as charging a mobile phone at home. No need to setup any power station!
Even if you think that electric car is expensive and you cannot buy it; you can easily convert your car to an electric car. Li-ion Motors can easily do that for you, giving the same comfort as earlier. Converting your car to an electric car from Li-ion Motors is even cheaper than repairing car’s engine.

Li-ion Motors electric car is a green solution to global warming. LMCO’s electric cars don’t take air intake or exhaust and thus have very little impact on the environment as compared to gasoline powered cars that pollute the environment like anything. Lets be a contributor to save the planet otherwise what will be left for our kids and grand kids?
You can visit Li-ion Motors Corp. or contact their representatives to know about electric cars and their conversion plans.

LMCO - Electric Cars

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