Crystalyte 36-72V 40A Controller - Crystalyte Phoenix Brute (5305) Issue

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Crystalyte 36-72V 40A Controller - Crystalyte Phoenix Brute (5305) Issue

I got the new motor and the new controller from two different sources. The motor had trailer connector on the phase wires and the controller had Anderson connectors. I matched the phase wire colors and switched the motor to Andersons.

The controller I purchased was an instant start type.

When I plugged everything tother I found that the motor didn't want to start without some help and it shudders and jerks at low speeds and under load.

Before I had my battery I hooked the controller up to a small 48V AC/DC adapter to check some things. While this was connected I moved the throttle accidentally and the wheel tried to start. Could starting the motor with not enough power cause a problem?

Looking at the hall effect wires I found:

Looking at the hall effect connectors it looks like:

Motor Controller

Brown Red
Black Black
Green Brown
Yellow Yellow
Blue Blue

I cleaned the hall contacts with contact cleaner with no success.

I kept the:

Motor Controller

Brown Red
Black Black

the same and tried all six combinations of the other three wires. The wheel didn't spin when the wheel was off the ground and the throttle applied.

I then tested the voltages of the hall effect wires as they came off the controller. I assumed black was ground. I found:

Red - Black 4.3V
Brown - Black 5.0V
Blue - Black 4.8V
Yellow - Black 5.0V

I was under the impression that you should't hook the +5V and ground in the hall bundle to the wrong terminal, but, since two if the wires are +5V I'm not sure what to make of that.

Anyone have any advice?

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