help with wheel size

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help with wheel size

hello all...i have a 48 volt chinese moped that looks very much like a Liberty 643 and want to buy a rear wheel assmbly but not sure what to order.
the tire says 16x3.00 what would the rim size be?


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Re: help with wheel size

to buy an assenbly go by the wheel diameter. I have bought rear wheel assy. and the companies all go by a standard and that standard is discribed by the wheel size. if you want a 16" wheel assembly then order a 16" wheel assembly. the hub is about 11" to 11-3/4" dia. but that's irrelavent, get a 16" wheel assy. See all my experiences in the "700Li MODs" thread in this catagory please. I give you all the info you need. even the manufacturer. other people have bought on my info and are quit pleased.
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Dave C. Stout
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