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Hi All,
I'm new to lithuim batteries so my questions may seem a bit lame. I apparently have a defective V-POWER battery so before I go any further i need to know how lead compares to lithium as far as capacity. I've been using two 12v RV batts rated at 575CCA or 160RC in series for 24v.
How does this compare in lithium? I have a small budget so was thinking a 36v 30ah Ping battery. Assuming bms cuts the power before ruining the batteries, would this give me a true 6amps for 5hrs? Also I was thinking of solar assist. Are the chargers really "smart" or do I just need to cut charge power before voltage goes over certain threshold? How do the large cells like Thundersky compare to the little prismatic cells? Seems like the larger cells would be easier to monitor/replace and have fewer connections to fail.
Any thoughts?

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in terms of capacity, a PING should give you at most 30A for a bit under an hour.
more than 30A and the BMS will disconnect.

it should give you a full 30Ah at lower discharge rates though.

the TS cells are more robust physically, but will need a BMS (the PING battery already has one).


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