Would this controller work for BL36 ?

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Would this controller work for BL36 ?

Would anyone hazard a guess as to whether this controller would work on BL36 ?


I realize the connectors are probably different but would it work if wired properly ?


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Re: Would this controller work for BL36 ?

I doubt that a 72 v controller will work on a BL36 because the low volt cutoff(LVC) is probably around 66 volts.
A 36 volt pack will likely not start up a 72v controller.
I have a 48v controller on one of my bikes and it will not work with a 36v pack as the LVC is 42v or so.
It's possible to modify a controller but that's a bit technical. You might want ask the vendor if it's compatible. Also, it seems complicated to correctly match up all those wires.

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Re: Would this controller work for BL36 ?

I recently purchased a BL36kit from werelectrified minus the controller unit. For my senior project I wish to build the controller myself. Can anyone direct me to a schematic of the WE BL36 controller or any controller that would be compatible or provide advice on how I can harmonize the remaining parts through a "home made" controller. Thanks.

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