Help Building own controller?

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Help Building own controller?

Becaue Im running my 24v motor off my solar powered 45v Ultracaps I need a special controller (rather than using my 48v one at half throttle when the caps r full)

What I need is a controller that will take the input voltage (whether that be 45,40, 30 or 25 etc) and only deliver a maxium of 24volts say, out.

Excuse my lack of knowlege in this area, but my kit would need to turn on and off in a varing ratio so that 24v was max output.
does anyone have the knowledge on here to know how to make that kind of thing?
I guess it would need a Mosfet and a capacitor and some timing circuit? Do Mosfets have the on off timing thing built in or is that a seperate piece of electronics???

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Re: Help Building own controller?

The first question is are you doing this because you want to learn? or because you want to get it working?

the next is what type of motor is it? (DC with two thick leads going to the motor? or BLDC with 3 thick leads and 5-6 thin leads going to motor)

if you are doing it because you want to get it working, I would suggest getting a programmable controller like a kelly.

if you are doing it to learn, I would suggest basing the control section around a motor controller chip already setup to give a PWM signal with throttle and current feedback.


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