Movie recommendations? Energy & Transportation related movies

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Movie recommendations? Energy & Transportation related movies

I wonder if y'all have suggestions on some movies. One of the things I'm involved with is launching Transition Silicon Valley, which is the local branch of the international Transition Towns Initiatives. One of our activities is a recurring movie series titled "Films of Vision and Hope" where the overall goal is using movies to encourage discussion and community building. To be a "Movie of Vision and Hope" is not to be pollyannaish about the problems our society is facing, but rather to focus on the ones that acknowledge the issues AND offer positive constructive solutions. There are plenty of Movies of Doom and Gloom that have lots of great information in them but have a negative nonconstructive message. We find it really helpful to focus on the positive constructive solutions rather than writhe in the doom/gloom side of the story.

In any case - I am really interested in having a movie series focusing on Energy and Transportation issues (our last one focused on Food and Agriculture) but must admit to not being up-to-date on the movies that are available. The only movie I know is Who Killed the Electric Car and that movie just doesn't offer positive constructive solutions and instead just gets people angry. In a few months Chris Paine is supposed to have The Revenge of the Electric Car on the market, of course, and it is supposed to be more positive and constructive, but I want to do this movie series in September.

Any ideas?

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Re: Movie recommendations? Energy & Transportation related ...

It's not a movie, but you could show episodes of Robert Llewellyn's _Fully Charged_ and selected episodes _Carpool_. Robert is an enthusiast for sustainable transportation, but takes a very practical and intelligent approach to the subject. He's also a darn funny robot.

I have not seen any movies that fit your criteria.

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Re: Movie recommendations? Energy & Transportation related ...

Okay, you're obvisouly looking for a documentary, but there's this incredible dicotomy in asking for a positive message. They DON'T make documentaries about happienss unless they're propaganda films. The Nazi's had such wonderfully upbeat messages. Meanwhile, at UCLA a guest documentarist told us "Think DARK." Those things are usually about, er, inconvenient truths. Maybe BP will have some corporate video about the bright beautiful future of cars as we know them thanks to offshore drilling.

Meanwhile, why not just search youtube for what you find relevant and interesting, and string a few that seem related together? I didn't watch any of these, do your own screening. But some of them SOUND interesting from the titles.

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