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Range Indicator

As an EV user, do you think a ‘Range Indicator’ instead of the ‘State-of-Charge’ indicator would be more useful to the driver? This range indicator would show precise live changes to the remaining range while you drive.

Please indicate on a scale of 0-5 (0-Not useful at all 5 – extremely useful) .

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Re: Range Indicator

I would like to have a Range indicator in addition to a State of Charger indicator, but not instead of.

Remaining range is always an estimate, based on a collection of guesses about how you are going to be driving in the near future. On the other hand, State of Charge should be a more precisely known value at any moment. So a computer-generated estimate of range might be badly inaccurate, but I may know enough about my expected drive to make an accurate estimate as long as State of Charge is known. (For example, I might know that I have a fast highway drive coming, or a long downhill glide, and could adjust my expected range accordingly.)

So, as a replacement indicator, I'd vote 0. As an additional indicator, I'd probably vote 4.

My electric vehicle: CuMoCo C130 scooter.

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