One Giant Leap for Vehicular Lighting

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One Giant Leap for Vehicular Lighting

Germantown, WI June 24, 2010 – J.W. Speaker Corporation has developed a revolutionary new line of headlamps that sets a new standard for vehicular lighting. Already in production, these new LED headlamps are more energy efficient, more durable, longer-lasting, and considerably less costly to maintain than any other headlamp currently available. The initial launch includes three different models: a PAR36, a PAR56, and a 4” x 6”. Additional sizes are already in development and are expected to be released before the end of the year.

Perfect for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or retrofit applications, these non-glare headlamps offer brighter, whiter color and a superior beam pattern – ultimately providing drivers with enhanced visibility and improved safety. The lamps have passed extensive photometric testing, carry a 4-year limited warranty, and are approved for on-road use in North America and Europe.

At the heart of J.W. Speaker Corporation’s technological innovation is a cutting-edge approach to optical design. Even at a distance, it is difficult to overlook their unique combination of round “marble” and “D” lenses. More than just styling elements, these high-tech optics are what harness the light emitted from the LEDs and create a beam pattern that simply out-performs every other LED headlamp out on the market today.

Detailed information on these products (specification sheets, photometric diagrams and application photographs) can be found on the J.W. Speaker Corporation’s website:

J.W. Speaker Corporation specializes in the custom design and manufacture of vehicle lighting systems for OEMs. The company is experienced in the applications of LED, HID, Xenon and Halogen lighting technologies. For more information, contact J. W. Speaker Corporation at 1-800-558-7288 or speaker [at]

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