Solfest is being held this year - in September

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Solfest is being held this year - in September

Last year they skipped holding the Solfest, because they were too busy setting up green jobs training programs.

"They" is the Solar Living Institute, the training arm of Real Goods. It was via the Solar Living Institute that I got started in EV's but that's another story. The Solfest is a cruncy-granola-eating-hippie style of gathering of people who are into living off the grid with solar panels and whatnot. They've been doing the Solfest as a yearly gathering for nearly 15 years except, as I said, last year. The festival involves classes and presentations on a variety of fun topics ... that include "Alternative Fueled Vehicles" ... It was at Solfest that I saw David Blume talk about Alcohol Can Be a Gas, for example. And both Thunderstruck Motors and Electric Motorsport were there with booths.

The web site is still a little scanty on details - but includes Robert F Kennedy Jr and Bill McKibben as featured speakers.

Redwood Empire Fairgrounds in Ukiah - rather than at the Solar Living Center in Hopland
September 25 & 26, 2010

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