Cup holders for Vectrix

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Cup holders for Vectrix

Anyone have any creative ideas how to place a cup holder on my Vectrix so I can stop for the occasional ice coffee? I've tried holding the cup between my lap but well you might know the outcome. I know don't drink and drive.

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Re: Cup holders for Vectrix

That is going to be a hard one to figure out! Square handle bars make is a rough design and reaching down as far as glove box is even harder to do. It is such a smooth bike for holding a HOT coffee or HOT Chocolate. I am trying to figure out how to mount a radio and just found out it is illegal to have speakers in helmet. Maybe I will do the MASH thingy and mount a tube along helmet from side bottles. You know I can't believe they forgot the most important part of any vehicle ~ the cup holder! I have one on my Electrac tractor.


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Re: Cup holders for Vectrix

"...and just found out it is illegal to have speakers in helmet...."

Isn't it funny how little intelligence goes into our law making process these days?

Ask your DMV if it's illegal for the deaf citizens of Massachusetts to drive a motorcycle. ;-)

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Re: Cup holders for Vectrix

I did find a motorcycle cup holder that holds on with screws and adhesive (not using the screws) that allows me to finish my drink on the ride home. Mounts below the steering. It has a gimbal so the drink is always level and won't spill. It does ruin the look of the scoot however and so can't recommend it. Where is my center stand so I can just sit on the bike and finish the drink?


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Re: Cup holders for Vectrix

Hey! It is a great idea, and I fixed that one a while back. I went to a boat dealer store, and in the parts department, I found this chromed plastic drink holder with a slot for a drink handle, that swivels left & right, and forward when I stop, tipping back when I take off,....It's real sweet! And cool looking too!

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