EVD vs. Deer : A Draw

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EVD vs. Deer : A Draw



Last Thursday about 9:15 pm I was coming home. Doing about 35 mph. The first thing I saw was the deer's head entering my headlight beam from the left about 1 foot in front of me. The next thing was a tremendous crunch a little below and behind my butt.

I controlled a couple of front end wobbles and slowed down. Everything seemed to be working OK, so I finished the 1/2 mile or so home.

You can see the displaced dashboard and the body cracks with hair in them. A couple of plastic tabs and one of the posts that hold the dash up are cracked. There are a few small cracks in the black plastic that lies just in front of your legs. What you can't see is that there are also a few hairs on the nut at the pivot point of the left brake lever. There is deer snot on the front fairing just above the headlights.

How close was it? If her head had been a couple inches higher she would have hit my handlebars and flipped me for sure. A little sooner and she would have been in front of me. A little later and she would have jumped into my lap.

I will never win the lottery - I use all my luck narrowly averting disaster!

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Re: EVD vs. Deer : A Draw

Youch. That's a pretty dangerous collision, especially on a small bike.

Glad to hear you escaped without injury, and the bike damage was minimal.

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Re: EVD vs. Deer : A Draw

Happened to me on Long Island. Filthy with deer and ticks. I was riding my Honda 1100 V Tourer and It was dusk. I sw a shadow and felt a good clip of the top of my helmet. It was a deer, a big one, and I saw it land on my other side and look at me. I was fine, there was a great gouge in the Shoei.

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