Yamaha hints of electric super motorcycle in 2020 maybe

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Yamaha hints of electric super motorcycle in 2020 maybe

Yesterday Yamaha announced the EC-03, a low end electric scooter. It looks like some of the scooterbikes from China, has a 500 watt hub motor, no pedals, 18 mile/hr top speed (it seems) and a 26 mile range on flat ground and a 120 lb rider. To their credit their spec sheet is honest enough to say they're quoting a long range achieved by a skinny rider.

Buried in their press releases however was a road map over the next 10 yrs. This underpowered scooter is only the spearhead they said. That by 2020 they intend to have golf carts, mobility scooters, and several motorcycles, including “models offering high output, advanced function and affordable price”. I took that statement to mean they're promising an electric superbike .. by 2020.

If that's their timeline they may be a little late to the game as there are several companies planning to start selling electric superbikes very soon (next year).

For more details see: http://www.examiner.com/x-14333-Green-Transportation-Examiner~y2010m7d15-Yamahas-electric-scooter-announcement-hints-of-future-e...

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