Bionx PL-350 (I think) Won't turn ON! Need Help!!!!

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Bionx PL-350 (I think) Won't turn ON! Need Help!!!!

Please bare with me I am new to the forum and BionX repair.

I was given a BionX PL-350, I am pretty sure that is the model, roughly 2 years ago. I am disabled from a back surgery that went bad and a dear friend gave me this so I could ride with my son. It came with 2 batteries and some other accessories. It hasn't been used to awful much and I have not had any problems until 2 days ago.

My son took it for a ride and got going a bit too fast down a hill and had to swerve from hitting a bush that was sticking out on his side of the road. He ended up putting the front and rear wheel in the shallow side of a pot hole. After that the whole system stopped working! The computer module will not turn on. It does make a almost silent high pitched whine but that is all.

I have checked all the connections and they seem fine. I took the rail off the bike and opened it up and all the wires were still in place and soldered where they should be. I opened the computer back and nothing out of the ordinary, no cracks or broken wires. The circuit board looked good, at least from the back I didn't want to take it out and mess up the buttons. They, by the way, seem to feel right when pressed. The LCD Panel has no cracks. I went on to check the connections and all the pins are straight and make a tight connection between male and female. I even opened the battery case to see if the fuse was blown and it was still intact. The batteries have since been fully charged and still nothing when you turn it on. No beeps or LCD’s!

The only thing I saw that was of concern was the wire coming from the rail to the motor, the one with the six pin round connector. On the rail side it had gotten pressed up against the wheel somehow and the covering was worn down to the thin metallic shield that surrounds the wires inside. The shielding was torn but the wires inside are intact. Could that possibly cause my problem?

Can anyone think of something that a hard jarring of the bike (the wheels are okay too, spokes and all) that would compromise the electrical components of the BionX system?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!! Being on a fixed income I cannot afford to take it in for service and it’s a shame to let a nice bike like that just sit!

I truly appreciate any and all help and thank you for taking the time to read about my problem!


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Re: Bionx PL-350 (I think) Won't turn ON! Need Help!!!!

I can't help you out myself, but since BionX has helped me and others I know with problems, I suggest you write to them via this:

click on the bottom == Need More Support? Contact Us Today ==

Good Luck

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