battery meter please

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battery meter please


i have just bought a 36v 500w scooter and i love it

the problem is it has no power guage on it like a fuel guage

does any one know were i can get one that is simple to fit and will work like a range meter

hope that make sense


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Re: battery meter please

Assuming you've got a SLA pack, you have two choices:

$$$:Buy cycle analyst or WattsUp. You will have full, accurate power usage stats

Cheep: Buy a digital voltmeter from Harbor Freight for $5.00 or so. You will have very accurate voltage information, but you will have to relate that to your current load to figure out how much power you have left. A fully charged battery will be around 13V resting. A battery that is at 10.5V UNDER LOAD is completely empty. However, if you then come to a stop, the voltage will rebound to a fairly normal value. You still don't have any power in the pack, and will risk permanent damage if you try to suck that last electron out of the scoot.

Pretty soon you'll get to know your average range. If you keep your trips so that you have 50% left in the pack, you'll keep the pack longer.


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