Increasing the speed of a Fun5 EAPC ( Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle )

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Increasing the speed of a Fun5 EAPC ( Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle )

Hi folk's, been trolling this site for a few weeks.
My first post so be gentle, as the title says, i purchased a Fun5 EAPC a few weeks ago via Ebay, from a Uk company
Its ok but lacking in the speed department, ie:- according to fun2ride it will do 30mph ( with Boost/ Off road Button pressed ), it will do 35kph on the centre stand ( rear wheel off the ground ) and 32/33 kph on a flat piece of road with no wind ( with boost/off road button pressed ), i weigh 70 kilo's so a 2 kph drop under load seems good.
The Hub motor is 250w 36v 12amp, brushless controller specs 36v 250w throttle voltage 1-1.42v low voltage protection 31.5v angle 120 degrees
Right so time to give it a speed boost, after reading through this site i have a few ideas but would like some input before i purchase the following items,
Ebay item numbers
140429716613 48v 350w controller or 160457599200 48v 500w controller ( which one would you buy ? )
220634189972 12v 12ah battery direct replacement for the 6-DZM-12 ( to increase the voltage to 48v rather than 36v )
270609578204 48v battery charger ( 17 - 20 ah, higher than the 12ah batteries, would this be safe to use ? )


Even though it looks like a scooter/moped its classed as a electrically assisted pedal cycle ( Pedals not attached in pictures )
I think it was made by Wuxing scooters in china.
Any input would be great

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Re: Increasing the speed of a Fun5 EAPC ( Electrically ...

hi thats a nice bike do they sell them in america and how much did it cost

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Re: Increasing the speed of a Fun5 EAPC ( Electrically ...

I wish this forum wasn't so fragmented, so that I could just post in a "general" forum.. I have a bike very similar to yours, but damned if I can find an appropriate forum to place my query in..
Mine suffered damage to the plastic fairing, when it got out of control because the speed control "stuck.. basically it ran into a concrete pillar"..
If you (or anyone else) knows the correct sub-forum to place this, I'd be grateful!

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Re: Increasing the speed of a Fun5 EAPC ( Electrically ...

I have a Fun 2 Ride velocipede which needs work & I need assistance, namely circuit diagram + any other advice. On subject of fairing I have removed all extraneous plastic bits so they are available (CNT 4thworld [at]
TNX for any help

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