TTXGP 2010 UK Championship Round 2 Qualifying: Anglesey

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TTXGP 2010 UK Championship Round 2 Qualifying: Anglesey

meant that the qualifying session was mainly dry. All of the teams made it out to battle for pole.

Throughout qualifying, the lead pack from Snetterton looked strong but the Team Agni machines have clearly done some work between races, as Tork's straight line speed advantage at Snetterton has diminished. Both Mavizen bikes have also picked up pace since the first round and all appear to be fairly evenly matched in terms of top speed.

Despite not going out in the morning practice, Jenny Tinmouth managed to bank her second pole position of the series and is happy with the bike's set up, "hoping for some good racing tomorrow."

If qualifying is anything to go by, Jenny might be in luck, with team mate Rob Moon qualifying second, just 0.135 seconds slower. Rob led most of the session, which he said hindered him slightly, not having someone to chase. However, Rob is really happy to secure Team Agni's one-two on the grid and is vying for the win tomorrow.

Having missed the morning practice, Jim set out on the Tork India bike having just finished a race on his CB500. Jim felt that he really noticed the other team's improved performance and is keen to make some changes tonight in preparation for tomorrow to hopefully give him back some of the advantage he had at Snetterton. Tork have unfortunately not managed to improve the front end as much as they'd hoped, but are still working to optimise the current system.

Pete Ward on the British Army's Mavizen TTX02 qualified in fourth place, continuously gaining confidence in the bike and enjoying the Anglesey circuit. The drizzle throughout qualifying did mean that he couldn't push it quite as hard as he'd have liked, but has closed the gap on the top three, just 0.127 seconds slower than Jim Lovell.

Another great performance was Harry Hardi on the much improved LiFeBATT/LiFeTech bike. The bike has a new front end from an RGV250, which has improved braking and handling and Harry is confident that he will be able to put in a good performance tomorrow.

The qualifying times are as below, and the competition looks close, so the race should be a hot one tomorrow.

Jenny Tinmouth 1:26.234 - -
Rob Moon 1:26.369 +0.135 +0.135
Jim Lovell 1:27.432 +1.198 +1.063
Pete Ward 1:27.559 +1.325 +0.127
Harry Hardi 1:34.443 +8.209 +6.884
Jame McBride 1:34.593 +8.359 +0.150
Adam Palfreman 1:39.271 +13.037 +4.678
Annie Seel 1:40.585 +14.351 +1.314
Russ Licence 1:43.676 +17.442 +3.091

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