Luyuan CS350 Rear Wheel Locked

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Luyuan CS350 Rear Wheel Locked

Hi there. A week ago, my Luyuan CS350 locked up. When I turn the throttle, I hear a click from the electric motor at the rear wheel, but it won't move. Is it a bad motor? Bearing? Any thoughts? Any help is appreciated

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Re: Luyuan CS350 Rear Wheel Locked

i would bet is it one or 2 mosfets gone. they usally go shorted. unplug the hub power connectors and measure for voltage with the scooter on but controller off. ie yellow to green, green to blue and blue to yellow. if there is battery voltage with no throttle ( 36v or 48v depending on your battery config) then a mosfet or fets are shorted in the controller. Which would power one phase and feel as if the rim is locked.

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