xb-600 Power Loss

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xb-600 Power Loss

I've had my xb-600 for 1 year. I use it to commute 2 miles between my home and work. Take the same route evey day. My speed ranges from 15mph on hills and 22 mph on level surface. Recently I started experiencing sporadic "drop in power". For example, my speed will drop to about 12mph on the hills and 17mph on the flat. Sometimes, if I hit a "bump" in the road, the power will return to the normal speeds I've been experiencing.

During this "loss of power" mode.. the bike will surge (similar to an autombile that has a bad spark plug). I also thought it might be the brakes sticking, but I've loosened the brakes and that didn't seem to make a difference.

I've replaced all 4 batteries. Per x-tremee support, I've checked the cables to the motor and the controller...but nothing, to me, seemed out of place. I'm not that electrical or mechanically savy, so maybe I;ve missed something, not sure.

I really like my xb-600 (despite the lack of build quality...there were several issues with the bike that was delivered, like the center stand not working).. and would like to restore it to normal operating speeds.

Anyway, was curious if anyone was experiencing similar problems and had any suggestions.

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Re: xb-600 Power Loss

This needs to get shifted to the Xtreme XB focus group.

Sometimes, if I hit a "bump" in the road, the power will return to the normal speeds I've been experiencing.

That sure sounds like an intermittent connection failure to me. The fact that it is coming and going says that the "big" things, the batteries and the controller, are all right. (Come to think of it, it could be an intermittent connection inside the controller though.)

Does it run at its reduced speed when it is up on the center stand? If so, you could open the battery box and access to the controller up, leave it running with the throttle blocked open, and start...

  • jiggling wires: if the condition comes and goes as you move a particular part of the wiring harness, you have a bad connection. My first bet was the battery cable to battery joints, but replacing the batteries would have changed that.
  • feeling connections. If a connection is the least bit warm, there's a resistance in that connection. Look for discoloration.

Don't forget to bend the wire itself; there could be a break inside the insulation rather than at a connector.

Running at reduced speed both up a hill and on the flat is a clue; power draw is VERY different in those two modes. Up a hill is maximum power draw, about 900 Watts. On the flat is maximum rotation for a given voltage; power draw is about 350 watts even at full throttle.

To check intermittent connections in the controller, you could open its case and carefully inspect every component for looseness.

Let us know how it goes.


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Re: xb-600 Power Loss

Thanks. It turned out that I had two issues 1) was a bad throttle. I didn't notice, but the throttle casing had cracked where the wires feed into it. I replaced the throttle and things returned to normal. However, shortly thereafter, my bike just died on the way home from work. I traced it down to the controller. When i replaced the controller all was well again and even better as my speed now goes to 25mph on the flat (max speed prior to this was around 20-21mph).

I;m not sure if this is related, but when I replaced my controller I also removed my chain. I also noticed that the throttle replacement they sent eliminated having the "cutoff" wiring.

Anyway, I'm back in business....and have learned more about electronics then i thought i would ever know (or care about).

Plus it was fun removing the 50+ screws to get to the wiring for this job.

take care,


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