TTXGP comes to Virginia International Raceway for the final 2010 North America race

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TTXGP comes to Virginia International Raceway for the final 2010 North America race

TTXGP comes to Virginia International Raceway for the final 2010 North America race


eaches its pinnacle race; the final at VIRginia International Raceway. On Sunday 15th August, teams will take to the start line for the last time to battle it out for the final standings in the Championship and fight for a place in the TTXGP Grand Final in Albacete, Spain.

VIRginia International Raceway is located in Southern Virginia between Danville and South Boston and is regarded as one of the world's finest road courses, making it a fantastic location for the TTXGP North American Championship Final and we're confident that the inaugural year will go out with a bang (although not literally).

Unable to start in the previous round at Mosport, Team Agni let Lightning Motorcycles come within one point of securing the championship victory before the final round. With a point to prove, Agni are bound to be pushing the bike to the limits for the win and hope Lightning don't score so that the points will be tied for first place.

Although unable to take the crown of the first North American TTXGP Champion, team Werkstatt is only three points behind second place and with continuing developments on the bike will be gunning for a strong finish in the build up to the World Final.

Square Wave Racing has made a late change of rider for the final round. Brian Evans will be joining the team, so it will be interesting to see how he fairs against the other riders who have previously competed on their machines and hopefully Brian will be able to build on previous consistent results and pull something out of the bag to push the team up the pack.

Despite not taking the Constructor's Championship, Michael Barnes of Lightning Motorcycles did manage to take the Rider's Championship at the last round and is currently 28 points ahead of Jennifer Bromme (Werkstatt). However, after Michael, the battle for second is a close one and with a return to the championship for fifth place Zoe Rem with Agni, even she could be in the hunt. Off the back of his second place at Mosport, Thad Wolff will be pushing to make up for Team Electra's DNF in the opening round and move up from fourth. Mike Hannas (Electric Race Bikes) is currently in third place, three points behind Jennifer and three ahead of Thad.

The race will be shown, along with the other TTXGP races on ESPN UK and Speed 2 in the USA. TV and web listings are available at

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Re: TTXGP comes to Virginia International Raceway for the ...

The Countdown has began people!
History is being made!
The Race is building up steam, it is happening!

It really feels like a Space shuttle being launched The space vehicle for the EVs!

It will be one of the most intense moments in ages!
Can't wait to be a part of it!

and ... 20 years into the future will be looking back to this day with pride, emotion and pure joy - straight form the heart

Bryan Adams - Straight From The Heart

Thank you for all the information provided earlier.
I'll do a little recap for myself and others that may find it useful:

1.The Race is Scheduled for Sunday Aug 15th
2.The First Team arrives on Thursday - tomorrow people!
3.The Practice and qualifying Rounds begin on Friday
4.The inside scoop can be found here:

and here:

5.All the specs and minute details as far as
the Starting Grid, Schedule, Teams/Drivers, Standings, Profiles,Tracks and such can be found at their site:

6.The Locals provide us with some more information for those enthousiasts that would be interested to ATTEND:

7. My yahoogle returned this:
Can't ask for more! Heritage, Romance and History in the making!

8.It will be Danville

Victory for EVs!


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Re: TTXGP Virginia Raceway VIRTUAL TOUR

A totally awesome VIRTUAL TOUR
being able to Literally get in the Driver's Seat and experience the feeling, the anticipation, the excitement of competing, the thrill and the elation in the comfort and safety of our own home.

How would I call this?
a Rare Avant-Premiere of the upcoming Race TTXGP Virginia International at Danville

There is even an area called Steve Wonder and the greatest degree of elevation!

Watch it right here folks:

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

a Wonder-ful way of boostering the EV Teams

"Gonna keep on tryin'
Till I reach the highest ground
Don't you let nobody bring you down"

We're waiting to hear from the ground crew at the Highest ground in Danville, Virginia


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