Got 5 Scooters from my dad, need help getting 2 CityBugs going...

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Got 5 Scooters from my dad, need help getting 2 CityBugs going...


Around 2003, my dad was selling CityBug scooters. I've recently acquired the "broken" ones from my mom's recent basement clean-out. Here's what I got:

2 Standard CityBugs. 1 needed batteries, it's up and running now. The 2nd one broke when my dad hit Mach 10 down a hill. :) I took the throttle controller out of the other good scooter and proved this is the issue. I took the casing apart and I visually don't see and shorts, etc. When I plug it in, all looks good until I press the throttle. It starts to spin the motor and then blows the 35amp fuse on the battery pack. Any ideas on what might have blown during my dad's down hill run? I've removed the motor and tested it in the other scooter so the motors good. I thought about desoldering the caps and checking those first. It's a interesting controller in how the throttle works off some sort of mechanical plunger on the board. Any ideas?

1 CityBug Helper. All is well with this one. It just needed batteries. I couldn't imagine someone using this thing for a disabled person. It loves to ride on the 3 out of 5 wheels when you turn!

1 XLT Sport (HCF Pacelite 707). This needed batteries and a new 350w motor. I took the motor apart thinking I would see some short in the windings. It looked okay but behaves like its shorted and barely turns. I found a place in NC that still had the motors and its in the mail.

1 CityBug e2. This one needed batteries, a new micro switch for the brake handle (i'm guessing it cuts the power to the motor when the brakes applied), ignition key and throttle controller. I can get the motor to spin when bypassing the controller. Sometimes it works intermediate with the controller. The last couple of times, I can hit the plunger that tells the controller to spin the motor and it works. When I release the plunger, the motor starts to spin down but never completely stops. I have to pull the key to stop it. Any thoughts on what to check on the controller?

Thanks in advance! I'm having a blast with these things!

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