BionX VS XB 600

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BionX VS XB 600

Hey guys. I know some of you are die hard bikers! I was on a city trail Sunday afternoon cruising along in my XB600. A group of cyclists ride by and one tells me to get off the trail. No. 1 the trail I was on was a city trial not a state bicycle trail. No. 2 the entrance did not have any clear no motor vehicle sign. My biggest argument I'm making is Bionx and XB bikes are the same thing pretty much. Consider the auto assist feature. Now in the same situation if I was throttling at 20MPH on a bionx bike with the thumb on the throttle no one would say anything cause it looks like a regular bike. Now with my scooter with pedals doing the same thing I'd get told off. Kinda ticks me off the way I get discriminated!

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Re: BionX VS XB 600

Some Lycra-heads would scream that if you werent on the exact right diamond frame racing bike they thought you should be on. It might help if designers for these things would put the pedals where they are actually useable. Recumbent cyclists get a tad of abuse from time to time as well, motor or not.

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