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Lithium Depot New Thundersky and Headway Distributor

Dear Future Customer,

Lithium Depot, Inc. is a professional yet friendly company based out of Delaware, with warehouses in California and Washington State which provides service to all its valued customers. We work in conjunction with a variety of partner companies, contractors and associates, each company being highly specialized in the particular service they provide or quality of products they manufacture. We deal with some of the world's leading manufacturer's of the highest quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery products and accessories for the electric vehicle and standby power energy markets. Our product range includes batteries, chargers and various accessories.

There are many companies these days who will sell you a LiFePO4 battery, but Lithium Depot is different in that we can deliver your cells the same day your payment is received and processed. It should be noted that although we provide the same level of friendly professional service to all of our valued customers (no matter if you are an individual wanting to purchase only a few cells for an e-bike project, or are a large manufacturer requiring several thousands of batteries) the price quoted for only a dozen cells will not be the same price we quote for a thousand or more cells.

Our mission in providing honest, truthful and accurate information.

We will provide our customer with accurate, factual information supplied by our manufactures which they can clearly understand so that they can achieve the best performance and longest life from their battery investment. When you have parted with several hundred (in some cases thousands) of your hard earned dollars the last thing you want is for your battery to fail prematurely due to bad advice!

In addition to the high quality battery products we supply, we hope you find our website to be a useful resource with the information we provide. Please feel free to get back to us with any comments about any of the products we provide or if there are any battery products you find difficult to source and would like us to look into stocking. In the coming months we will be adding several exciting products to our range which are powered by our batteries.

What sets us apart from our competition is that not only do we sell the very highest quality LiFePO4 cells, chargers and battery products, we carry a high volume of batteries for immediate shipment for your specialized project(s), plus we listen to what our customers have to say.

So don't forget when you are looking to purchase a quality LiFePO4 battery you can't go past Lithium Depot for quality, reliability and fast response!!!

Come visit our site at or call us at (510) 764-1102 and we will be happy to assist you in any future purchase.

Thank you,

Lithium Depot, Inc.
Sales Department

Lithium Depot

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Re: Lithium Depot New Thundersky and Headway Distributor

There's a very interesting thread at Endless-Sphere about this company:
"Lithium Depot" New vendor???

There appears to be some sort of relationship between this company and a scoundrel named Jim Morrison. Based on the controversy regarding Mr. Morrison's recent lithium battery business failure, it might be best to be cautious about doing business with Lithium Depot. Zachman may be an innocent victim here, but he might not. At the very least, Jim Morrison appears to own the Washington State business license for Lithium Depot.

Personally, I'd wait to see how this develops before taking a risk on a new unknown vendor.

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Re: Lithium Depot New Thundersky and Headway Distributor

Lithium Depot is James Morrison

Please see the threads on the DIY Forum

As well as the Endless Sphere Forum

and also on the Electricmotorcycle Forum

Best Regards

Dave Kois
Current EV Tech, LLC
davek [at]
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