Can you power an E-Bike using and AC to DC 36 Volt 450 watt 28 amp inverter ?

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Can you power an E-Bike using and AC to DC 36 Volt 450 watt 28 amp inverter ?

The basic idea I have is to use a small generator or my preference is to use a large deep cycle marine battery. Use an ac powered DC power supply/inverter is this possible or would you lose too much in the conversion process ? Use a 12 V DC deep cycle marine battery mounted in a bicycle trailer, connect a DC to AC inverter to power the power supply which takes 120 v AC to power it. Found one online 36V 28 amp under $200 bucks. The other idea is to use a small generator such as the Champion 1000 watt, and plug the power supply unit into it, would this work ?

Trying to mega extend the range of my bike for various reason's. You see I'm one of those people you never tell " DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON " heh

I have a dog and she has bad hips, it's sad really born with hipdisplasia, anyway I modified a kids trailer for her, yes I know you can buy Dog trailer's but well I'm a cheap ass and love to build things myself, dog trailers cost $300 and up, I paid $80.00 for this one and about $20 for plywood bottom and camping mat for pading, she loves it. So because I pull the dog who weighs 80 .lbs even with my E-bike up hill it can be alot on my old butt, so I figure for about the same cost as a really good Lifpo4 pack, I can home build a " generator trailer " to pull behind the dog trailer. Cheap genset is about $ 200.00, Power supply is about same. Marine battery is more expensive set up but much more enviromentaly friendly and much more to my liking, dont really wanna use a genny, hate the fumes. With battery set up I dont need extra trailer either.

Oh in case your wondering I have one of those Strong GT-S210 Electric bikes, heh ya everyone thinks they suck but I found out why they suck, in the manufacturing process they used a clamping device to hold the wiring harnes together while wraping it, most of the time the clamp was too tight, it broke the wires internally, but not always the same wire, I have had 3 of them, kept 2, after fixing the harnes it runs pretty good. SLA battery packs are heavy though, replaced batteries with Power Sonic 12V 14 amp hour batteries. The only issue I have with the bike is the Brushed motor with a rear axle drop out of 150 mm, anyone know of a good replacement motor and controller set up ? Brushless with regen as going downhill with the dog in trailer is hell on my brakes, even upgraded calipers to Avid BB7's dont help much. I modified it a bit with things like Rockshox in the front and a Fox Vanillia RC DH racing shock on the rear, makes the ride much nicer and heh I've got 1 foot of ground clearance :) hoping curbs or even the odd rock is much easier now :)

Does anyone have an opinion on the Amped Bikes Tube battery ? Would this be a better option for me ? Add two or 3 of those to my bike instead ?
Yes I plan on building a Lifpo4 pack into the original battery case but have more to learn about that first, and I need an extra battery case to work on while I keep my bike up and running.

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