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Has anybody had to replace just the axle on their motor hub? I got my brushless kit today and while tightening the axle it just snapped right off (on the wire harness side). I think it was because of the cap style nuts and not enough supplied washers, The supplier "dalesbestforbikes" answered my email right away (made me feel a little better) and said just to ship the motor back and he would ship me another right away. I was just wondering if anybody else has had this problem and if an axle has to be replaced if anybody knows where to get one? thanks

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Re: BL-36 AXLE

made in China QC, not to be offensive, but that would never happen with a Japanese electric bike, but whats the challenge in owning one of those? Ive encountered many of the same issues with my motors. Once you know how everything works, you can overhaul it yourself and its not a bad bike, but a shaft snapping? Thats pretty serious. I think I know where your shaft snapped, at the weld to to drum that holds the magnets, the rotor? To get that concentric, I think it would need to welded between centers.


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