Wide Input Battery Chargers

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Wide Input Battery Chargers

On most if not all laptops and some medium sized computers the power supply says 90-250 volt AC, 50 or 60 Hz. But really that is an acronym for anything from 90 volt to 300 volt DC input. I just ordered one of those Made - In - China Battery chargers and I can't get it to work on my truck, being it is only 144 volts and believe it or not it is DC not AC. But it works on my neighbors MR-2 just fine at 192 volt pack.
Why can't any one make a wide input charger like is on Norelco shavers and all laptops and printers?
The Cruising equipment E-meter uses a laptop brick to power it also. I have the same problem on my HAM equipment on DM-330MV power supply but at least I downloaded the schematic and verfiried it to be a voltage doubler on 100 volt and full wave bridge rectifier on 220 volt AC.
It is rare we have power outages for day or weeks but it sure would be nice to use my scooter to get around and charge it via battery power from my truck or UPS pack in house.

I am sure CHINA is reading this. This way I can charge via a Prius with a 312 battery pack and or my S-10 at 144 volt pack.

I did find one of my chargers from China a Teking 36, 48 and 60 volt charger works fine on 144 and 312 volt DC but it charges my scooter too slowly at a few to 5 amperes.

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Re: Wide Input Battery Chargers

its all about cost and power magnitude.

take a 55W powersupply for instance.

to run at 90vac, the power silicon needs to be able to take 0.6A continuously.
to run at 265vac, the power silicon needs to be able to take max of 265v.

so thats 159W worth of power silicon for a "55W" powersupply.

thats fine at low power levels where the versatility is worth more than the extra $1 of silicon.

now, try that for a 1500W charger.
Would you pay for a 4500W charger for it to only ever give you 1500W?

now, some PFC chargers *will* run at much reduced voltage, but only at reduced power output.


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