Eva Hakansson: Power vs. Pollution

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Eva Hakansson: Power vs. Pollution

Eva Hakansson gave a short presentation at TEDxDU in May about her motorcycle, her husbands motorcycle, and a motorcycle they're getting ready to take to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Her husband is Bill Dube, the designer of the KillaCycle. The motorcycle they're building, the KillaJoule, is a stretched out streamliner motorcycle that's purpose built for salt flats time trials. I see on the KillaCycle Racing page on Facebook that they're in crunch mode to get it ready to take on the salt. The update from sometime today was that they decided to arrive on the salt on Wednesday because Tuesday is "just technical inspections".

They plan to break 200 miles/hr with the thing and hope eventually to break 400 miles/hr.

FWIW Richard Hatfield (Lightning Motors) told me the organizer of the BUB Motorcycle Time Trials (where his team set the land speed record for electric motorcycles two weeks ago - 173 miles/hr - see: Lightning Motors strikes with new electric motorcycle land speed record at BUB Speed Trials) told Richard that he believes it will be an electric motorcycle that's most likely going to break 400 miles/hr. This has to do with handling characteristics.

In any case the video is online at the TEDxDU website and it's a nice video.


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