Electric Hubcap Pancake Motor, Controller, Workshops

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Electric Hubcap Pancake Motor, Controller, Workshops


I've just joined. Here's a little intro to what I'm doing.

I've invented the Electric Hubcap 'pancake' motor. It's intended to
mount on the outside of a car wheel. There's also a small
'central wiring box' with a solid state motor controller. That goes
inside the car near the wheel.

Some quick details: ~~5-1/2 HP (36VDC, 127 max amps), axial flux, 3
phase brushless PM (12 supermagnets), made from trailer
axle/bearings/car disk brake rotors/pipe fittings, 9 bolt-on 'donut'
coils, and a few miscellaneous parts.

I've also been working on a mechanical torque converter. Originally
invented in 1923, the "MTC" replaces an entire transmission, clutch
and gears, and probably transmits at least 50% more thrust from the
motor's power, so smaller motor, fewer batteries, less KWH from the
power grid - especially driving the wheel directly. (Unfortunately
the wheel motor needs a different MTC configuration from the original
- a 'rotary' one.)

I'm about to start holding self-paced Electric Hubcap motor building
workshops. and for those into soldering/electronics, solid state
motor controller building workshops.

My site/info: http://www.ElectricHubcap.com


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