Converting a hub e-scooter to a chain drive e-scooter

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Converting a hub e-scooter to a chain drive e-scooter

I am interested in getting an e-scooter but I want it to be able to cruise at 30 mph (at least) or even 40. All of the e-scooters that I have found that can do this have 60v or even 72v. I would like to stick with 36v or 48v because the parts (batteries, controllers, motors) are all cheaper and easier to find in Shanghai, where I live, than the 60 and 72v things.

Has anyone done this kind of conversion? I can get a used 48v 350 watt e-scooter for about $70 and then begin with the upgrades. I want to start with a used scooter because they still have the batteries in the floorboard. All of the new scooters hear have installed the batteries in the seat pedestal and are using up valuable storage space. Also, I want to be proficient at repairing the scooter, so I think that assembling it myself will give me a head start to knowing all about it. Any suggestions? Clues? I am especially interested in a discussion of 36v vs. 48v motors.

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